MAI Crafted

MAI Crafted

Build your own universe!

Press Release - MAI Crafted

Imagine, create & build amazing worlds with blocks! Enjoy the most epic and advanced mobile sandbox environment block game. With dozens of building blocks at your disposal, let your creations take formation and your imagination run wild!

Enjoy special features from interactive characters and animals to special construction blocks. Play in Free Play mode with Random or Flat worlds, or go on Mission mode quests. In these quests you'll complete 30 Missions ranging from creating castles to finding Bigfoot in the snowy woods. Have fun in zombie survival modes as well - experience 3 difficulty levels all with different zombie tasks.


-Explore constructions ranging from castles, villages, caves, aircrafts, forts, harbors..

-Share creations with other players

-Interact with animals

-Defend yourself against zombie attacks

-Embark on Mission mode quests

-Fun & Challenging Missions

-Build Amazing Worlds

-Regular updates with new features

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