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Press Release - M-Track

M-Track is the #1 Speedometer + stat tracking motorsport enthusiast app.

Elegant BMW M inspired design and a unique combination of features in just one application.

Make sure you have enabled the app to access location serivces on your device.
Check Settings->Privacy->Location Services-M-Track ->ON

Current Features:

Speedometer Gauge - Displays your TRUE gps speed, which is more accurate than your dashboard gauge!

Trip Tracking Logs - Record trip statistics like Current speed, Average speed, Max Speed, Travel time, Distance + more!

HUD Speed Display - Display your current speed on the wind shield. BMW added this feature to the M5 but not M3, but now you can experience this great tool for high speed night driving!

Features Coming Soon:

OBD2 Connection - display and record over 15 vital engine and car statistics. A must have for any modified bmw owners!

HUD Shift Lights - Display RPMs and shift lights on your windshield.

Online Viewing Portal - View all your saved trips and statistics in beautiful charts and graphs!

We welcome all feedback and any feature requests !

This is an ongoing project which will be tailored based on the feedback of the community!