London: The Game

London: The Game

See the sights of London without leaving your home!

Press Release - London: The Game

Walk through the streets of London and see the beautiful sights! Meander past Big Ben, through the gardens of Buckingham Palace, and over London Bridge. Marvel at Westminster Abbey, picnic in Trafalgar Square, go shopping in Piccadilly Circus. Now you can do all these things and more without ever going to London!

London the Game for iPad will allow you to visit the sights of London from the comfort of your own home. The App is an enhanced adaptation of the highly successful LONDON the Board Game (chosen by The Evening Standard as one of five essential games to buy as a gift in 2012). 'London' lets you become part of the story of the world's greatest city from prehistory to present day. The new App is easy to use and suitable for the entire family, allowing you to play with friends or against the computer.

Learn facts about London and answer trivia questions provided directly from the Museum of London. Visit the capital's most iconic landmarks on a map of London and collect cards to block your opponents and help you proceed along the city's historical timeline. Start in Roman London and be the first to reach the London 2012 Olympic Games to win the game!

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