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Press Release - Logistics

Logistics is a physics-based Puzzle game. It draws it's inspiration from Feed Me Oil, Mousetrap, and Plinko. The game lays out scenarios where logistical problems that need to be address. It is in those scenarios that our puzzles are based.

The goal of each level is to get 7 of the 10 items to the goal, while trying to gather the bonus stars. The early levels start out with basic problems with fill in the blank solutions. The levels then get progressively more difficult as different scenarios are played out in each chapter.

To solve the levels, you must position and rotate tools throughout the board in order to move the items to the goal. Conveyor belts, fans and springs are the tools that are available to the player. The conveyor belts can move items side to side. The fans can lift and push the lighter items and the springs can launch items in the desired direction. The different items are designed to interact with the tools differently to provide challenges unique to each level.

Logistics is visually, very retro, and is inspired by that cartoon style of the late 50s and 60s. The music is upbeat and is unique to the specific levels. Logistics is designed for an audience that ranges from 3-80. Simpler levels will appeal to the younger players, with it's sandbox nature, while the more difficult challenges of the later levels will appeal to the adults.