Instantly see what's happening, anywhere in the world - in pictures.

Press Release - LocoPix

Pick a spot on a map of the world and see photos being taken there right now! You don't have to know any of the photographers- whoever has the LocoPix App can shoot and share!

Have you ever wondered what angle another person used when they snapped a photo of the same landmark you're taking a picture of? Are you curious what photos people are taking of Big Ben in London this very moment? You now have the power to see photos being taken all around you by people you don't even know! View other photographers' photos by location, and share your own!

You can choose photos to view by location, time of shoot, and miles away from you. Open up the map and see photos anywhere in the world. Then switch back to your location and see photos nearby.

LocoPix lets you not just connect with people you know, but the entire world as a whole.