Lock2020 - Safe Password..

Lock2020 - Safe Password..

Universally locks all your passwords to keep you safe and secure.

Press Release - Lock2020 - Safe Password..

You have so many passwords to remember! Have you had trouble keeping track of them them all? Remembering which is which? Do you write all your passwords down somewhere that isn't very safe?

Lock2020 will keep track of all of your passwords in one safe place. The passwords are secured using military grade encryption tools to lock up all of your important information. No more unsafely writing your passwords down in a file somewhere on your computer or wracking your brain for the forgotten ones. Now Lock2020 will store unlimited passwords which only you can decode.

You never have to worry about your passwords being found on your device, as Lock2020 locks immediately when your device sleeps. You also don't have to worry about your passwords being easy to guess, as Lock2020 gives you the option of randomly generating any or all of your passwords. The best part is Lock2020 is completely free and charges you no extra fees for online storage. Everything is stored using your existing cloud service from Apple. Since everything is integrated with iCloud, Lock2020 allows you to share data between devices.


-Mega quick search feature.

-Create and reorder Password Categories.

-Modern design, with a punch of color.

-UNIVERSAL APP for both iPhone and iPad!

-We have a real support team.


-SAFE & SECURE Military-grade encryption AES-256 (256 bit).

-Add personal notes to any password account stored.

-1-touch app close.

-Securely auto locks when device sleeps.

-Auto Password Generator.

-Expiry notification for work/business passwords.

-App supports Retina displays, crisp stylish graphics.

-Integrated with iCloud allowing you to share data between devices.

-Completely free! NO extra costs for online storage account- use your existing iCloud service from Apple.

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