Turn your music into a live concert!

Press Release - LiveTunes®

Turn your music into a live concert!

Live Tunes features real live audience FX that can be controlled by you! High-fidelity reverb powered by iZotope® simulates the sound of arenas, stadiums, clubs and more. Don’t just listen to music. Experience it! Make the crowd cheer! It's your show.

"Music sounds boring without Live Tunes!" - Chris Baseford (Audio Engineer - Avril Lavigne, Nickelback)


- High-fidelity reverb powered by iZotope® for accurate venue simulation

  • Professionally recorded live audiences that react to your music and can be controlled by you

  • Easy-to-use music player and interface

  • Swipe up on the player to make the crowd cheer!

  • Multiple venues and audience sizes to choose from


The iZotope® reverb, featured in LiveTunes, is one of the best sounding reverbs currently available for mobile devices. iZotope® technology is at the core of many popular apps like Smule's "I Am T-Pain," Harmonix's "VidRhythm", Sonoma Wire Works' "GuitarTone", Audiofile Engineering's "FiRe 2", and more. iZotope's award-winning products and audio technologies are used by millions of people in over 50 countries, from consumers to musicians to major film, TV, and radio studios. Learn more at



Hear what your music would sound like in a sold out arena with thousands of screaming fans! Just load your demo or recording into LiveTunes® and hear the difference. Feel the energy of the crowd, make them cheer when you want them to. Or turn them off and just enjoy the sound of the iZotope® reverb being added instantly to your mix. Either way, just close your eyes and imagine your band on stage rocking out in front if a huge crowd! LiveTunes® was built with that specifically in mind using the same sound design techniques used for years by industry professionals worldwide.


Just love listening to music? Why not add some life to it? Hear your favorite tracks again like it was for the first time! See what it would be like to hear a huge multi-platinum artist in a local dive bar or your favorite local band in a packed stadium. Or hit shuffle to hear all your favorite artists do a concert for you. Just load your playlist and let it play. LiveTunes® will take it from there. Either way it's a unique listening experience. Hear it for yourself.


Like to sing in front of the mirror, in the shower, or in your car? You know you do it. Try adding a 3rd dimension to your fantasy of being a rockstar with LiveTunes®. Hear the crowd cheer for you and control them with a touch of your finger. Rather it be in a huge arena or a small club, with LiveTunes®, YOU are the rockstar.


LiveTunes® uses the same sound design techniques found in filmmaking to produce realistic live concert simulations. These techniques have been used for years to make people think they were seeing a live show on TV or on film. In addition, these techniques have been used for decades to create live records. Yes, many of the top selling albums you thought were live were actually recorded in the studio! The reverbs used to simulate large stadiums and the live audience sound effects were added later. With LiveTunes®, any record can be a live record. No studio needed. Try it out!