Fastest fingers in the world!

Press Release - LighteningFingers

Play the fastest reaction game around...and give to charity in the process!

Lightning Fingers will put your reactions to the test like no other game around. At the same time, 10 percent of all app purchases are donated to Cancer Research UK and The British Heart Foundation- two charities are very close to my heart since I lost my mother and father to cancer and a heart attack, respectively.

Playing Lightning Fingers is simple- tap the random flashing lights 90 times to achieve the fastest possible time not just within your circle of friends, and not just within your country, but to actually proclaim that you have the fastest reactions in the whole world.

Play the game, test your reactions, achieve your time, and then submit the score to the global leader board.

You can create your own unique ID or use your twitter handle and accompany it with a picture to let everyone know just how fast you are. Get the chance to see how fast your reactions are pitted against the whole world.

Lightning Fingers will get the blood pumping and adrenaline pounding like no other game around


  • Arcade Gaming at its finest!
  • Superb Graphics and old school feel
  • Tension building sound effects
  • Easy simple user interface to navigate around the game.
  • A chance to play in different themes.
  • Extremely addictive- you won’t stop till you’re the best!
  • Direct links to Face Book and Twitter so you can see where family and friends are on the leader board.
As if all this wasn’t enough, you have the added advantage of knowing that by purchasing this app, you’ve also helped out a worthy charity.

LighteningFingers Screenshots