Light Pad HD

Light Pad HD

Light Pad HD transforms your iPad into a light box for 35 mm slides, etc.

Press Release - Light Pad HD

Traditional photographers find that the iPad works great as a light box to view old slides and negatives.
Light Pad HD enhances that viewing experience by providing each slide or negative its own isolated light source. The rest of the screen is black. This keeps the focus on the content and away from the surrounding glare.

Version 2.0 gives the user a fully adjustable light area for viewing custom sized materials. Simple pinch gestures change the free-form view in any direction.

Light Pad HD v2.0 Features:
- In app brightness control
- Support for iPad Mini, and retina displays
- iOS 7 compatible
- Screens for 35mm slides & negatives
- Large & Medium film format screen
- Free-form viewing screen
- Ability to turn ON/OFF view ports with a tap
- Ability to lock the screen

Light Pad HD v.2.0 for iPads is available now for $1.99 on the App Store.