Do you really know how you spend your life?

Press Release - Life.Time

Do you know how you spend your life? Why should you live your life throwing away your time? Take back control by knowing exactly how many minutes you spend on everything you do!

How much time do you spend on "fun" events compared to work-filled ones? It's simple to find out! Just log your numbers and Life.Time will do the rest!

Name something you're doing during the course of your day and assign it a color. Then log how many minutes you've spent on that event. You can add and subtract minutes as you like. A daily percentage for each event is generated based upon the amount of minutes you spent on it in comparison to the total minutes spent on all events. You don't even have to worry about comparing the percentages! A beautiful donut chart shows you how much of your life (total minutes) is being spent on each activity. All events on the chart are distinguished by the colors you originally chose for them.

View your daily activities on Life.Time and don't let your life pass you by!