Lettercash - Puzzle with letters and numbers

Lettercash - Puzzle with letters and numbers

Lettercash, a challenging word game for the iPhone you can count on

Press Release - Lettercash - Puzzle with letters and numbers

If you like to puzzle you should try Lettercash!

Lettercash is a fun and challenging wordgame where you need to calculate to find the correct answer. Drag the letters on the right spot and guess as many words as possible before the time runs out to become the Lettercash champion.

By solving puzzles you earn cash, which you can spend in the shop on different power-ups that help you increase your highscore.

Challenge your friends and show them you're the best!

- Challenging puzzles with increasing difficulty
- Check your friends' highscores and challenge them to beat yours via Game Center
- Unlock achievements and become a true Lettercash ninja!
- Buy power-ups with your earned cash

If you get stuck or if you need more time you can use a power-up. You get the first power-ups for free. If you need more power-ups you can buy them in the shop and spend the cash you earned playing the game.

There are different power-ups you can use
- Extra time: Buys you more time
- Trim letters: Trims every unnecessary letter
- Skip word: Skips a difficult word
- Extra letter: Puts a letter on the right spot

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