Do you like ninjas?

Press Release - Kurabi

Are you tired of crushing candy, collecting gems, and getting meaningless achievements in solo puzzle games? Me too... so grab KURABI and get ready for your head to explode (or just to have fun... either way).

KURABI is a minimal, elegant, and competitive pattern matching game for Ninjas. Compete with your friends in a game of skill, speed, and deception. Match 3 or more tokens of the same color to remove them from the board, match gold tokens to score points, and use special abilities to beat an opponent in a best-of-3 match.

== KURABI is awesome for 3 reasons: ==

  1. KURABI tracks your rank with an ELO rating, the same system that international chess players use to determine rank. By using ELO, KURABI can match you with opponents of similar skill, and apply a handicap if you are playing friends who are of a much lower skill level, so each game is always fun and challenging.

  2. KURABI is not about high scores. KURABI is about 1-on-1 matchups. It's about making decisions on what abilities to use, in which round, and what kind of play style to focus on to beat your opponent. Use your abilities wisely, and find the correct combination that works with your play style.

  3. KURABI is a sport. It's competitive minimalism. No flashy graphics, no exploding birds, no clashing clans. The focus is on the game and on the competition. The basic rule is as simple as it gets: collect gold tokens to score points. Everything else, every subtlety and complexity, comes from using special abilities that modify these rules in different ways to suit different play styles.

== KURABI was made by one indie developer ==

I made KURABI to prove to my friends that I (on average) am better at Bejeweled Blitz than they are. It's a one-man quest to eliminate the concept of a "high score". Instead of sending screenshots of high scores, we can now humiliate each other in near real-time, trash talk over iMessage way more often, and have a game where every round matters.

The minimal design in KURABI was inspired by Letterpress and Damien Hirst's spot paintings. The competitive minimalism was inspired by Kendo, and the japanese word "kurabe" which means contest, competition, or comparison. That's really what KURABI is all about - it's a game that sorts people based on skill, and accurately rewards players with ranking based on aptitude and ability to defeat opponents, rather than a one-time high score.

Oh... I also like Ninjas.