Share your kiss with the one you love!

Press Release - Kissdroid

Give your loved one a big kiss- even when you're long distance! Kiss your phone screen and the actual shape of your lips will appear onscreen. You can put your kiss on any photo you like, and let your favorite people know that you love them. Send your kiss to the ones you love, or let your kiss go public!

Pick a photo from your photo album, or a choose a photo supplied by Kissdroid. When the App prompts you, just kiss the screen wherever you like. As you kiss, you will hear a 'smacking' kiss sound. Then your kiss will appear onscreen! You have the option to change the size, placement, and color of the kiss.

Kiss your family, your girlfriend or boyfriend, your BFF, anyone you know, or share your kiss with the public. Let anyone who uses KissDroid see your best kisses and spread the fun. Enjoy all the kissing!

Kissdroid Screenshots