Kataar! - Do You Dare?

Kataar! - Do You Dare?

Best Single player and Online Multiplayer Strategic Game----

Press Release - Kataar! - Do You Dare?

Kataar! – Do You Dare?

---Best Online Multiplayer Strategic Game---

Do you dare to crush your enemies with the skills you got at the back of your intelligent brain? If yes, then complete KATAARS to eliminate your enemy one by one and throw them to burn in the wrath of hell.

Get 1000 coins for inviting Facebook friends.
Get 500 coins for sharing on your wall.

-Online Multiplayer and Single Player Game. (Play online real-time with Facebook friends or with players on dedicated server for KATAAR).
-10 Challenging Game levels.
-Tutorial to teach the players the art of making KATAARS.
-8 Stunning Heroes, each with their own kind of weapon to eliminate enemies.
-Resurrection that can be used in game to bring on one ally in battle to compete with you.
-God’s Spell is a shield that can be used to protect allies against its enemies.
-Soothing Game music and arcade music for battle mode.

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