Just Sing It!

Just Sing It!

Make the world sing!

Press Release - Just Sing It!

Serenade your crush, bust a rhyme, gamify your commute, sing out during Happy Hour, and unleash your voice! Are you ready for Instagram for your vocal chords? Just Sing It is Karaoke meets "Name That Tune!" meets Instagram! In this highly addictive social game, you’ll sing for your friends and have them sing for you as you guess each others’ songs.


  • Sing and guess top songs from genres of all eras
  • Boost your songs with fun voice effects
  • Share on Facebook and Twitter


  1. Challenge a friend
  2. Sing them a song
  3. Guess the song they sing for you
Already, 60,000+ songs have been sung by 7,000+ users in just over a week! Initial user feedback shows that Just Sing It helps them stand out, and even flirt better in crowded social networks. Fierce competitors, tomorrow’s pop stars, and serenading romantics are all having a blast with Just Sing It!

Just Sing It! Screenshots