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Press Release - Junaroo

Everybody likes getting free stuff. And everybody texts -- all the time. At Junaroo, we've combined the two! You now get rewards for messaging friends. You can use text to talk to your friends, or you can post on Facebook or Twitter. With over 100,000 users (and growing), you get a coupon for every message you send. Save money on your morning coffee, your weekly groceries, and hundreds of other things you use every day. The more you text, the more you save.

There's more! Junaroo lets you create your messages as personalized memes. Choose from today's most popular memes, or create a new one from your own photos to chat with your friends. It's pro-level texting: meme-inspired messaging.

Up your messaging game with meme-based messages and collect rewards in the process. Get Junaroo now to message your friends and start earning rewards today!

Junaroo Screenshots