iRadio - All radio

iRadio - All radio

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Press Release - iRadio - All radio

Wondering what songs are playing right now in Italy? What are the top 40 hits in China? What songs might your friends be listening ? Use iRadio to listen to over 70,000 sounds playing on radio stations RIGHT NOW all around the world!

Use iRadio to browse radio stations anywhere. There are many ways to search for stations- browse by country, city, language, local radio station name, song title, recently played, GPS location, favorites and more! Find new songs and enjoy different cultures. If you're learning a new language, iRadio is a great tool to hear songs from your country of choice in their native tongue.

Record stations that you like by simply pressing the 'record' button- then just listen to them anytime. You can also listen to more than music- enjoy sports stations and worldwide news as well. 'Favorite' stations, and go back to them again and again. Use to listen to songs you've 'favorited' from iRadio and build a whole new worldwide music collection!

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