Add text to Instagram!

Press Release - InstaQuote

Have you ever wanted to add text to a photo? Or share words on Instagram? Now you can!

Instaquote lets you write whatever you like and add your text to a photo. You can export your beautifully captioned photo to Instagram, or share your photo in other ways such as with email or by text message. You can even save your edited photos to your camera roll and use them however you like.

On Instaquote, you'll have 19 beautifully design word styles to choose from. You'll also be able to choose backgrounds for your text from high quality background packs. You can even use your own photos for backgrounds!

Layer different fonts on top of each other as you create your text layout. Customize your text's font size, color alignment, position, and line spacing. Make words bold, underlined, and italicized. Choose from over 50 beautiful fonts!

If you're obsessed with Instagram, this is a great way to add even more to your photos!

InstaQuote Screenshots