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Press Release - Instabuck

Immediately start selling that ebook you wrote, that software you made, or that training course you created! Instabuck gives you a free web and mobile platform to sell your digital products and track all of your sales!

Using Instabuck is extremely simple- list your product name and price, upload your product to Instabuck from Dropbox, and enter your Paypal email address. Instabuck will then supply you with a url that will lead people directly to buying your product. You can post the link directly to Facebook or Twitter or email it out using Instabuck.

Instabuck will create graphs tracking your sales by day, week, and month. It will also let you know how much money your product has earned you.

Now you can have your own landing page hosting, AB split testing options, and sales tracking all for free in one convenient place!

Instabuck Screenshots