Rotate your way through colorful mazes!

Press Release - InfiniMaze

Infinimaze is a rainbow colored adventure through level after level of mysterious labrinths. If you love mazes, this App takes twists and turns to the next level.

Have you ever weaved your way through a maze with invisible walls? Or travelled down a treacherous road that forced you to grow and shrink in order to exit? Have you ever had to go right in order to go left?

You begin playing Infinimaze by tilting and turning your device to roll a marble through a simple maze. As your accuracy increases, the maze grows more challenging. Each maze gets more and more complex as you progress and you must figure out the unknown rules that govern all the mazes before you can make it through. Navigate wisely in order to avoid having to start all over again. Figure out what unknown obstacles govern each maze and beat them in order to roll your marble through to the finish line!

InfiniMaze Screenshots