Innovative and unique task manager.

Press Release - Incrediblest

Incrediblest is the application with a new, faster and more efficient approach to task management.

This is achieved by breaking the tasks into three levels:
1. Areas - Top level tasks (e.g. "Arrange press conference")
2. Subjects - Activities within the tasks (e.g. "Invite journalist")
3. Tasks - Actual low level tasks (e.g. "Print the invitations")

Common approach is a bit different. It allows users to create infinite number of various tasks without giving the opportunity to see them in wider context.

Approach used in Incrediblest allows the users to see the big picture of the activities to be performed while keeping them tidy and avoiding the usual mess.

This technique is being used by the most efficient managers in the world, allowing them to manage their time and priorities more easily, thus have a thorough impact on what and when will be processed. Does it work? Well, otherwise they wouldn't be the top managers in the world, would they?

Also - as the people nowadays obviously don't have much time - the application is very easy to use, you can even give it to your kid to take care of his home and school projects. That’s one of the reasons why we do call it the INCREDIBLEST.