Icebreaker, a social game of questions and answers.

Press Release -

Icebreaker is a social game in which users pose open-ended questions and responders yank the verbal thread in shocking, funny or thought-provoking directions.

Ask and answer well and be rewarded with glory!

You can rate questions and answers, share interesting tidbits with Facebook or Icebreaker friends, favorite questions by tapping the heart icon, and skip through lists of the most loved questions, answers and users of all time.

Creativity will be rewarded! Low ranked questions will disappear forever while the best are enshrined in the leader boards for all to see.

You can bring your Facebook friends in on the action even if they don't have an iPhone. Using the share button you can post a question to your own wall or a friends alongside a personal message. Icebreaker users get the added bonus of an in app inbox allowing quick access to any questions your friends deem worthy.

Questions and answers can be seen and shared with anyone on the website. Download now and see what your friends are asking! Screenshots