Act foolish, become famous

Press Release - iACTaFOOL

If you like charades but want to play with friends who aren't nearby, use iACTaFOOL to play over the phone. Get ready for an interactive mobile experience similar to Words With Friends meets Instagram, and challenge people you know (and even people you don't know) to a video acting duel!

Record videos of yourself acting out words and dance moves such as JELLYFISH and SUPERMODEL. Videos can be part of a private game with limited users, posted publicly for the possibility of being featured on the 'popular' page, or posted exclusively to friends a user has approved as followers. If you post your videos publicly or for followers, your 'popularity' score will be based on a number of factors including the number of likes, dislikes, and guesses your videos have accumulated.

ACTaFOOL is unique because your fame is directly based on your social interactions. Unlike traditional leaderboards that compare users based on their successful progression through a game, iACTaFOOL requires others to enjoy and 'like' your crazy video acting....so the more interesting the better!