I'm Here Free (GPS Meeting Points)

I'm Here Free (GPS Meeting Points)

Don't get lost!

Press Release - I'm Here Free (GPS Meeting Points)

Where are you? Where are they?

Have you just arrived at a meeting place only to see no one waiting there? Have you gotten lost while sightseeing with your friends? Can’t find your family at an amusement park?

"I'm Here" is a location-based app which enables you to share your real-time location with others.

You and others using the app have the option to choose whether to accept the invitation to view a shared location or not.

"I'm Here" is easy to use and always protects your privacy. As described, temporary sharing means there’s no complicated location sharing setup with trivial configurations.

If your friend invites you to share a location, you'll receive a push notification. Just swipe the "I'm Here" icon to launch the app and decide whether to share your location or not. It’s that easy!

Your location is shared with others only when "I'm Here" is running. There's no other location sharing. Our server will never save your historical records of locations and markers.

"I'm Here" is also equipped with a lightweight chat room. You can receive messages from any friends who are in the sharing session. This feature helps you to easily find your friends or target meeting point without quitting I'm Here (in order to use other IMs).

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