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Press Release - HypnoHero

Create Your Own Personal Hypnosis Script

HypnoHero is the one and only app that empowers you to create the precise hypnosis scripts that you need, in as much detail as you want. HypnoHero is not just another collection of “one size fits all” hypnosis titles. Use our exclusive, and patented “Write My Own” hypnosis technology to create your own original idea or to add to one of our 650+ hypnosis topics. HypnoHero gives you the power to create a hypnosis script that will not only say exactly what you want it to say, but also say exactly what you need to hear. Create, Meditate and Elevate....

Boost your day with our FREE “Seize The Day” Hypnosis

Select from over 40 categories and over 650+ relevant topics

** Meditate with words of wisdom from Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Dale Carnegie, Dalai Lama, Buddha, Confucius, Martin Luther King Jr., or Winston Churchill.

High-Tech Hypnosis: HypnoHero offers free binaural beats and soothing nature sounds. These sounds have been digitally mastered and scientifically proven to promote the deepest hypnosis possible.

Patented “Write Your Own” technology helps you create a truly one of a kind custom hypnosis that’s both powerful yet relaxing

Autosuggestion: Proven to increase results when used in conjunction with your hypnosis.

Hypnosis-On-The-Go: A quick and powerful 12-minute hypnosis whenever and wherever you want it.

Goals: We help you set goals to track your progress with our graph and minutes counter.

Patented “Write Your Own” technology helps you create a truly one of a kind custom hypnosis session that’s both powerful yet relaxing.

Voices: state of the art text to speech voices provide perfect pitch and inflection allowing for total immersion into a custom and unique hypnosis experience.

Safe: It is one of the safest and most effective ways of achieving your desired goals.

Success Programing: Give yourself precise instructions on what to think, how to act, what to feel, and what you want your body to do!