How Cars Work

How Cars Work

Car Maintenance Knowledge and Big Savings for Young Drivers!

Press Release - How Cars Work

Too many teenagers are now passing their driving tests and driving on the road without any knowledge of how their car works.

This lack of basic understanding not only interferes with the process of learning to drive, but results in avoidable maintenance and repair costs. How Cars Work, for iPhone, helps drivers keep their cars in top shape while at the same time saving money.

How Cars Work provides basic maintenance guides. Learning to regularly checking the fluids in your vehicle and knowing how to change a tyre can save drivers hundreds of dollars otherwise spent on unnecessary services. It's also nice not to be stuck on the side of the road with a flat tyre.

How Cars Work was developed by engineering students from the Universities of Leeds & Manchester. It's been used by driving instructors to highlight key car mechanisms to new drivers, with the aid of high-resolution CAD renders.

For drivers who are also car enthusiasts or lovers of Formula 1, How Cars Work also contains more detailed sections on aerodynamics and KERS, and will soon be updated with a section on DRS.

How Cars Work is a universal iOS App available on all App Stores for $0.99. The app covers all the most important systems of the car including the engine, transmission, braking and steering systems. The app is regularly updated with new content and bug fixes.

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