Tetris meets Bust A Move with ticking time bombs!

Press Release - HEX IT

Do you want to truly challenge your mind with a puzzle game that will have you stumped for hours? How good are you at forming patterns under pressure from literal ticking time bombs? Do you think you can beat 30 levels that get so hard that the last 10 are deemed 'nearly impossible?'

HEX IT is an extremely complex game of pattern making. The goal of the game is deceptively simple: twist hexagons to arrange colors in specific patterns. However, strategy and a bit of madness are necessary to arrange all of the gems correctly. Two special gems are included in the game to tantalize and confound even the greatest gamers. The "skull" gem is actually a time bomb that must be defused in a set number of moves. "Skull" gems are further complicated by the fact you cannot move them- you can only move the surrounding gems. The "chain" gem is a tricky little thing that locks all hexagons around it into set positions and renders them unmovable.

HEX IT has 30 levels to baffle and challenge you. Making it through the first 20 levels is difficult enough, but the last 10 are almost impossible. The difficulty of HEX IT will amaze you. Disclaimer: HEX IT claims no responsibility for your insomnia if you stay up all night for weeks attempting to beat the game.


-30 exciting levels of puzzles to keep you playing for hours.

-Time Attack Mode for each level

-Rating Mode

-Special gems including 'skull,' 'chain,' and 'multi-color'

-Easy controls

-Beautiful high resolution retina display graphics.

-Very addictive gameplay

-Great replay ability

-Pleasant music

-More levels and updates to come