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Wine Recommendation. Stuck in the wine aisle with hundreds of bottles? Hello Vino recommends a wine - NO SNOBS ALLOWED!

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Do you have a dinner coming up and don't know which wine to bring? Like fruity reds, but get overwhelmed by all the brands in the wine shop? Enjoyed a great Pinot but want to know more about it?

Hello Vino will answer all of your questions at any time! Whether you're in a wine store, a restaurant, or even in your own home, Hello Vino helps you select the perfect wine for what you need. Find wines based on occasions the wine is for, such as a blind date, the holidays, a family gathering, or a friend's party. Find wine based on the food you're about to eat or serve; are you eating steak for dinner? Creme brulee for dessert? Salad for lunch? We'll find the perfect wine to pair with any food you choose. Hello Vino even helps you find a type of wine based on your general taste preferences. Do you usually like light and crisp wines? Sweet wines? Fruity wines? Spicy wines? Dry wines? Do you like them white or red? We'll find the exact type of wine you'd prefer, and we'll even suggest some brands for you to try.

If you choose, you can purchase any wine Hello Vino suggests directly from the App. Our suggested wines were chosen by a dozen hand picked sommeliers in order to bring you the world's most detailed wine database. The wines are even reviewed by Certified Sommelier Elizabeth Schneider. She provides "quick 2 minute wine audio reviews" that break down widely available wines that you can find in your local store, and talks about the wine in a way that anyone can understand (not just wine snobs).

If you find a wine you really like, you can snap a photo of it and our Wine Label Image Recognition tool will tell you all about it. You'll get the tasting notes, ratings, food pairings and more! You'll also have the option to save the wine in your 'favorites' collection, so you can remember it for next time.

Hello Vino was rated best app for wine shoppers by NY Times, NPR, and Mashable.

"Hello Vino will make choosing the right wine easy." - Mashable; 5 Must-Have iPhone Apps for Wine Lovers

"Hello Vino can help almost anyone navigate a wine list." - NY Times; App in One Hand, Wine Glass in the Other

"If you want to impress your date, pull up Hello Vino to make it look like you know whether to order a Zinfandel or a Malbec." - NPR Morning Edition; Apps for Foodies to Drool Over