Halloween Solitaire

Halloween Solitaire

Spooky game with a creepy challenge

Press Release - Halloween Solitaire

Halloween Solitaire is a peg solitaire board game with a spooky Halloween twist to it. Finish the board with a single peg remaining to score maximum points. Faster you finish, the more points you can score. With 9 board levels the game is simply addictive.

Beware of Zombies, Ghosts, Bats and Spiders that show up randomly to spook and distract you from the objective.

The objective of the game is to remove all the pegs from the board by jumping over them until a single peg is remaining. The rules and moves are seemingly simple but it's deceivingly difficult to complete all board levels with a single peg remaining.

Complete the final Zombie Solitaire level and become the ultimate Halloween Solitaire champion. Share/Post your score on Facebook and Twitter or challenge your friends to a game of Halloween Solitaire.

Key features

* Spooky sounds and animations bring the Halloween mood alive.

* Ghosts, Witches, Spiders and more appear randomly during the game.

* 9 peg solitaire board levels that are engaging and addictive.

* Trick or Treat your Facebook friends and Challenge them to beat your top score.

Halloween Solitaire Screenshots