Press Release - GuessMate

GuessMate LTD is super excited to announce the launch of the GuessMate iPhone & iPad App. GuessMate is the ultimate social image guessing game, ideally suited for friends, families, and even kids. There is something for everyone...even people who don't like computer games!

Guess various pictures sent to you from your friends by only looking at a tiny fraction of the image. If you play the App alone, you can go through numerous image collections and try to recognise celebrities, car brands, logos, flags, dogs, cities, paintings, famous politicians, and endless other people, places and things.

GuessMate has been compared to 'DrawSomething,' 'Catchphrase,' 'Logo Quizzes', and even 'Instagram'. However, GuessMate is like none of them and all of them at the same time.

We are on a mission to make your life more fun, make you smarter, and to unleash your creative energy. Let's find out if a picture is indeed worth a thousand words.

And remember, it's never too late to play GuessMate!

GuessMate Screenshots