Guess Who?!

Guess Who?!

Recognize celebs in this classic game!

Press Release - Guess Who?!

How well can you identify celebrities, music, or movie stars that you come across every day? Can you even spell out their names correctly? This fun yet simple game will test you on your celebrity knowledge and you may be surprised at the results!

'Guess Who?' is a simple yet incredibly addictive game that tests your ability to identify over 130 different celebrities by viewing their picture. There will be no hints or field buttons to help you guess- you will solely be determining the celebrity identity by sketched picture alone. The famous person could be anyone from a movie star to a musician to a political figure.

The levels get harder and harder as you attempt to identify less well known celebrities. To make it even more fun and interesting, you can test your friends and families knowledge of celebrities, and even ask them if you get stuck.

This amazingly fun game consists of:

* Four different levels (easy, normal, hard, and expert)

* Accurately reproduced sketched pictures of famous people

* 'Perfect Guess' alerts you when you have guessed correctly for the first time

* Game stats (score percentages for each level)

Start guessing and put your celebrity skills to the test!