Gotta Smoke?

Gotta Smoke?

Achieve a smoke-free life!

Press Release - Gotta Smoke?

Overcoming a smoking addiction is very difficult. However, quitting smoking can be done.

The path to quitting is a very individual one. All smokers looking to quit must figure out the right tools for their own success.

'Gotta Smoke?' determines your everyday smoking habits utilizing a unique addiction evaluation algorithm. It then creates a quitting routine which is customized to your unique smoking habits and needs. As you follow the routine, the App adjusts to assist you on your way.

After every cigarette you have, 'Gotta Smoke?' will make small adjustments to the time between cigarettes, gradually easing you into smoking less everyday. When you see a green light, you can have a cigarette. A red light will advise you to wait a little bit longer. Use 'Gotta Smoke?' and start with small, achievable steps. Build your confidence until you ultimately reach your final goal - a smoke-free life!

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