Good Dog ABC - dog training

Good Dog ABC - dog training

Dog training made easy!

Press Release - Good Dog ABC - dog training

Need to train your dog? Get some help from Good Dog ABC, an app with advice and exercises from the famous radio show veterinarian Dr. Kim Qvist.

This app covers the essentials of dog training in a visual format which you won't find in any other app!

Every puppy owner will love Good Dog for its easy step-by-step video guides on how to get started with basic training.  Even owners of adult dogs appreciate the positive reinforcement methods we teach.

As an additional bonus, the Good Dog app includes free access to the MyPetVet dog journal, which can help you keep track of all the important information and moments you cherish with your dog.

This is the most powerful app for a happy and healthy dog life.

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Please remember, if you have any comments, suggestions for improvements or other feedback, we would love to hear from you!

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Enjoy our app, and have fun training your dog!

Disclaimer: We are aware that many types of dog training exist. Good dog is aimed at the general family dog owner. The app comes with no warranty that you will be able to achieve the results you see in the videos. The guiding principle behind Good Dog ABC is psychology rather than force and the use of body language and tone of voice rather than physical contact. Also, the use of treats for an even slightly hungry dog is always good motivation for learning. -

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