Goal King

Goal King

Math meets soccer, for education!

Press Release - Goal King

You're good at math? You like soccer? Prove it!

Goal King is a unique, fast-paced blend of math and soccer! Solve math problems as fast as you can in order to pass the ball to your teammates and score goals! Lead your team to victory by picking the correct answer to an addition, subtraction, or multiplication problem as a timer counts down. If you're too slow, you won't be able to pass the ball even if you choose the right answer. Move quickly in order to score a goal and become Goal King!

With Goal King, you can play the game live with your friends or with other players all over the world. Anyone who has the App can play soccer with you as you both challenge your mathematical skills. You can also play against the computer as you train to be the best mathematician in the world.

Try out the slower paced, yet still challenging Classic mode, or show what you're made of in the ultra-fast paced Action mode! With Goal King you will improve your reflexes, reaction time, and mathematical thinking. Goal King is a challenging game for everybody to enjoy!

-2 Game modes (Classic and Action)
-Game Center integrated

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