Givit Video Editor

Givit Video Editor

Get your videos edited right from your phone!

Press Release - Givit Video Editor

Stitch together multiple scenes from multiple videos! Add transitions, effects, titles, photos, and finish with music from Givit or songs in your iDevice. Your final "Highlight" will be a highly entertaining video to share with the world or friends and family. Givit is a free, fun and simple app to quickly make and share great videos on iPhone

-“This means the death of crummy raw video, since you edit as you go, cherry picking only the best and most interesting parts of life” - Wall Street Journal

-“Stupefyingly Simple” – iMore

-“Easiest, most user-friendly video editing and sharing tool seen so far” -

-“...a streamlined and easy to use video editing process that cuts out all the boring stuff.” – Technorati


- Live Highlighting – While recording a live event, simply tap to highlight critical moments. Tap to recap back seven seconds, or start/stop record at any point.

-  Multiple Clips – There are no limits to the number of video highlights that can be combined to create the final product. You can even use Givit to edit clips created with your favorite effects apps like Super 8, Vine or Action Movie FX.

-No Length Restrictions – Share videos of any length or size.

-Effects - Add motion effects (slow-motion, speed-up), music and transitions to polish and finish the highlight reel.

-Titles and Photos - Add stylish titles to help tell your story. Want to put photos from your camera roll into your masterpiece? We've got you covered.

-Social – Share your masterpieces to Givit so others can be inspired by your talent. Watch new and exciting videos from people and subjects that interest you by following friends or categories. We'll even tell you when new videos arrive. Got a few minutes left in the day and want to laugh, cry, be amazed or inspired? Launch Givit to view the curated Popular feed or browse trending Categories. Comment on videos and show some love by liking what other stars in the Givit community are creating.

-Sharing Options – One-click social sharing to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter; or, share video privately and securely by email. We support Twitter cards so your media plays embedded in the Twitter timeline, your users won't have to click off to another site to watch your videos.

-Cloud Storage – Upload videos to the Givit cloud for permanent storage, or edit videos from any other source imported to Givit.

-Free – Givit is free for anyone to use, offering 5GB of storage at signup and premium packages for avid users.

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