Gingerbread Circus

Gingerbread Circus

Missed the Circus? The Gingerbread need you to put on a show!

Press Release - Gingerbread Circus

Do you like circus games? Knife tossing, bottle throwing, tent entering, roulette winning, crowds roaring games where you can test your skills? Gingerbread Circus will bring back the fun with 80 stages of showbusiness challenges, knife throwing tilt-to-aim, screen bashing action, and 10 uniquely themed chapters.

Enjoy your little gingerbread assistants who help you out as you go, but watch out not to smash them as you throw knives at the spinning roulette boards!

To celebrate the latest update, there's a new carnival chapter that's totally free! Smash the Pinata, take shots at the carnival ducks and meet the birds on a rope! Also, to thank all the fans of Gingerbread Circus for their support, there are now added new acheivements- can you unlock them all?

Gingerbread Circus has a five star average rating across the World. See what fans are saying:

- "There really isn't any other word to describe this game other than AWESOME"

-"It's like one of the only games on the app store that's actual ENTERTAINMENT!!!!!! :)"

-"Great characters and music, fun to play, loads of different levels and surprises. I could play on this for hours!!!"

-"Brilliant little game with great graphics & totally original! Love the gingerbread people. Games are challenging & addictive."

-"This game takes you through a really nice selection of different styles of gameplay which guarantee you will never get bored! I will be playing this one for a long time to come. Great use of tilt too!"

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