Get the Cake

Get the Cake

A game where you control Cake Monster on it's way to eat all pies.

Press Release - Get the Cake

Get the Cake is a game designed not only for kids. The main objective is to guide Cake Monster to eat all available cakes all over the world in different levels.

Cake Monster once moved, will go toward selected direction and will stop when encounter an obstacle such as wooden box or a frozen glass. Collect stars to unlock new worlds. Cake Monster is always hungry, so you need to guide him for his favourite cake. There are plenty of various levels and challenges awaiting you.

We believe that kids will love this game, controlling Cake Monster is really easy and intuitive and they will not have any troubles playing. Some of puzzles are harder to complete and collecting all stars in every level is not always easy task.

Get the Cake is now available on AppStore all over the world. The app itself it's free of costs however for an one time fee of 0,99$ you can unlock by In-App Purchase all worlds at once. It is optimised for iPhones and iPads as well.

Please visit official Facebook fanpage of Get the Cake at for more informations, including latest updates and screenshots of the game and check Get the Cake presskit at

Get the Cake is designed by Indie development studio Hydra Softworks. The game is almost completly designed by one person, Kamil Powałowski.

Get the Cake Screenshots