Fright Fight

Fright Fight

Action-Packed 3D Online Multiplayer Brawler

Press Release - Fright Fight

We’d been pondering a perplexing question here at Appsolute Games.

Why aren't there any online multi-player brawlers available for mobile devices?

We felt it was our responsibility to create such a game for the gaming community. So we created Fright Fight.

Fright Fight is a Free-to-Play Online Multiplayer Platform Brawler which we are releasing for iOS and Android based devices. This game will feature your favorite horror characters in an ominous game setting, inspired by the legendary ‘Super Smash Bros’.

Fright Fight has a combination of many genres, mixing horror, fantasy, and steampunk themes to create an ominous 3D setting. Fright Fight features a bunch of characters from different realms, each with unique attack types, combos and skills. The battles are full of special moves and fight effects that take place in several different worlds (each with 3 arenas).

We have implemented:

• Action-packed multiplayer deathmatch with a familiar gameplay inspired by Nintendo’s ‘Super Smash Bros’

• Balanced battle system

• Vibrant 3D graphics

• 4 sinister characters – Kahn the Werewolf, Mercy the Vampire, Grim the Reaper, and DeBo the BigFoot (more to come!)

• One world – codenamed ‘The Flying Islands’ – with 3 arenas inside

• Innovative gesture-based control scheme (no on-screen buttons!)

• Rich RPG elements including unique skill trees for each character

• Unique attacks for each character

• A number of in-arena bonuses and pre-match boosts

We are launching a KickStarter campaign in order to raise additional funds and bring the game to the final stage before release. Our goal is to raise an additional $50,000 in order to develop an AI Bot System, Create a dedicated server, and Support the Android OS.

The KickStarter is set to go and will be live on Monday, October 21st.

The KickStarter campaign page can be found here

Please let us know if you would be interested to go hands-on with the game, and we will gladly provide you access to our latest build. Thank you!