FLUS - Meet, Chat, Date

FLUS - Meet, Chat, Date

“FLUS” is the easiest way to make friends.

Press Release - FLUS - Meet, Chat, Date

Plus friend your social life.

FLUS is the easiest way to make new friends! Browse through profiles, make custom searches, or let FLUS find the right match for you. All you need to do is tap “Hello!”

No matter if you are looking for a new partner, friends around you or people with similar interests or jobs - FLUS is the perfect solution!

○ Enjoy four unique search functions in FLUS:

[F]ortune matching: recommends users, who are online right now
[L]ocal matching: recommends users, who are nearby you
[U]nique matching: allows you to granulate your recommendations through various filters
[S]tylish matching: recommends users, that are popular in our huge user base

○ Live chatting allows you to contact and have conversations with your matches in an instant

○ Use the “Selected” menu, to find out who selected you, and match them in return by simply clicking “HELLO”

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