Your personal in-flight map. Available everywhere, especially at 37,000 feet.

Press Release - FlightMap

You're on a flight. The seat in front of you doesn't have a screen. So...where are you? FlightMap is your personal in-flight display, using your iPad's GPS to show exactly where you are in the world, while you're in-flight! Whether you're flying at 37,000 feet over the Atlantic Ocean or en route to London Heathrow, you'll see detailed information about your location, speed, altitude, heading, and more - and all without a data or internet connection!

FlightMap overlays the passenger's current location onto Mapbox-powered offline maps, removing the requirement for data or internet. These maps are designed to provide maximum detail in a minimal size. Because of the iPad's uniquely powerful GPS reception, users can monitor their flight while actually on-board an aircraft - effectively replicating the functionality of an in-seat display on a mobile device. For users who want more than the included standard map, a variety of "themed" maps are available for download. Examples of these include maps generated from NASA's "Earth at Night" and "Blue Marble" satellite imagery, as well a more creatively designed "Adventure theme," with more maps added regularly.


To use this app in-flight, it is important to keep "Airplane Mode" off while manually turning off Wi-Fi and mobile data. This is because "Airplane Mode" also turns off GPS reception, which is needed for FlightMap to function properly. Unlike Wi-Fi and mobile data, which both receive and transmit data, the iPad's GPS chip only receives location information and therefore has no potential to generate interference.

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