Flick a Trade

Flick a Trade

Play. Trade. Win.

Press Release - Flick a Trade

Take a shot at the market with Flick a Trade, a fast-paced free trading game that gives you easy access to real markets using fantasy funds.

- How much funny money can you make before the clock stops?
- Test your instincts, challenge your friends, join a new community of market players - mobile flick a traders.
- If you can flick a bird, you can flick a trade!

- Set the timer, pick your markets and spot the trend.
- Think the market is moving up? Flick up to BUY. Going south? Flick down to SELL.
- Try to end up in the black at the bell.
- Play fantasy markets for practice or jump into live market action: trade currencies, commodities, indices 24/5.
- No typing, no tickets, just gestures: pinch, zoom, fold and flick your way into fast market fun.

- Enjoy all the appeal of trading and gaming rolled into one, minus all the risks!
- Benefit from great odds: the markets can only go up or down, so you always have a 50% chance of winning.
- Hone your skills and learn about trading without risking a cent.
- Bask in your success with detailed scorecards, performance stats and leaderboards.

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