Flash Phrase

Flash Phrase

Magnetic poetry with friends!

Press Release - Flash Phrase

Tired of the same old word games? Do you keep coming across multiple versions of Word Search, or “Boggle™” and “Scrabble™” knockoffs? Try something completely different. Play Flash Phrase, the exciting new multi-player phrase game which combines creativity and a sense of humor.

Experience the thrill of creating full phrases from scattered word tiles and see if other players can identify the phrases as a timer counts down. The quicker you can guess your friends phrases, the higher you score. If your sentence is creative and funny, post it to your Facebook Wall for others to see!

To begin, first challenge a friend or random opponent through your Facebook or Email account. Next, select a story theme and build your sentence by clicking and dragging the corresponding word tiles to make the funniest sentence/phrase you can think of before the timer runs out. Your opponent then attempts to identify your phrase from a list of computer generated phrases. In later rounds, put your own personal spin on sentences by creating your own word tiles. Flash Phrase is intended for individuals who like to laugh with their friends and enjoy asynchronous multi-player apps that utilize turn based game play. Check it out, and prove that you truly are funnier than your friends!

Game Features Include:
* 12 Exciting Themed Stories
* Play against multiple friends simultaneously
* Ability to post funny phrases to Facebook for others to see
* Push notifications tell your friends to keep moving
* In later rounds, create your own word tiles or persons name for use in your phrases
* Great for all ages and non-stop fun

12 Exciting Themed Stories to choose from:
* A Day at the Beach
* A Day at the Garage
* A Day at the Office
* A Day at the Slopes
* The Big Game
* The First Date
* The Fishing Trip
* My Senior Prom
* The College Party
* The First Day of School
* The Road Trip
* The Amusement Park

User Feedback:
* "This reminds me of when I was a kid, re-arranging Word Magnets around on my parent's fridge!" - Keith T
* "Finally a game in which I can use my sense of humor to create hysterical phrases about my friends!" - Michelle M