Felix - Happy News Only!

Felix - Happy News Only!

Felix - the news App that only brings positive and optimistic news that leaves you with happy feelings!

Press Release - Felix - Happy News Only!

Does the news get you down? Don’t you wish there was ever some good news in the newspaper? Let Felix find all the happy news articles and send them to you!

Crisis? Economical recession? Not when Felix has your back! Felix will only give you real life positive and optimistic news that leaves you with happy feelings! Other news channels and apps love to tell you all the bad news in the world. Let the negativity go and notice all the beautiful things happening around you every day. Felix will bring you the true stories of courage, hope, and heroism happening right in your neighborhood and around the world. Let Felix ensure that you see the amazing moments that occur everyday. Open your mind to the happy things around you, and take a moment to be grateful.

Felix is here to make you happy! Enjoy Felix’s slick design, amazing animations and fantastic news articles, and let your heart sail through the sky with happiness!

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