Do Favors. Get Rewarded.

Press Release - FavorSpread

Need help getting a task done? Looking for information that you can’t find? FavorSpread is the fast and easy way to ask for favors socially.

FavorSpread is Task Rabbit meets Facebook, with eBay's rating and reward system. When you help someone or when they help you, the favors will be rewarded with cash or gift cards.

FavorSpread aims to change the way people help each other in the real world. We’ve created a favor economy where people can ask for help as well as get rewarded for helping.

I came up with the idea for FavorSpread out of necessity.

Our review system, like eBay’s, helps you determine who you want to ask for help and who to accept a favor from. Post and view favor requests on both  public boards or private networks. Private messaging capabilities enables instant communication. Paypal integration makes it easy to offer cash rewards. Being a good samaritan has never been so fun and easy!