Fantasy Sports Player Tracker

Fantasy Sports Player Tracker

The ultimate fantasy sports player tracker!

Press Release - Fantasy Sports Player Tracker

It’s finally arrived! The fantasy sports app you’ve been waiting for is here!

ProPlayerStatus offers the only player-centric status system that keeps you informed on the playing status of every player in the NFL, MLB, NBA and NHL all in one place. Now, ProPlayerStatus is introducing PPSMobile- the only app available on the market providing player-centric information in this fashion. It's fast, it's accurate, and now it's available wherever you go.

ProPlayerStatus' proprietary systems monitor every major league player for real-time status changes and fantasy-relevant news. Stay up to date on every player- even guys deeper down the depth charts. You won’t just follow games the way you used to- you’ll manage your players and be the first to know when something happens to them.

Simply ‘follow’ your players using the intuitive ‘Player Manager’ and at a glance see which of your players is playing today. You will be updated in real-time if something changes.

Follow your fantasy players and receive real-time updates including: -Playing Status: active, injured, starting, backup, bench, minors, etc

-Player Information: news, analysis, performance, rumors, trades/transactions, starters

-Scoring Plays: Be alerted when your player scores a touchdown, a goal or hits an RBI.

-Starters: MLB lineups, NBA starters, NHL goalie starters and NFL starting quarterbacks are available as they are announced.

Each player has an in-depth player profile featuring:

-Latest News Items

-Game log

-Season and career stats

-Biographical information

The built in QuickView allows you to view player news, status changes, game scores and scoring plays as they happen through a fully filterable single screen.

ProPlayerStatus sends you alerts to notify you when an update happens to any of the players you are following. On PPSMobile those alerts are received even when the app is closed. Alerts are filterable by type so you can be alerted on the items you are interested in.


-PPS 100 Player Subscriptions are available through In-App Purchases by visiting the My Account screen.

-Each subscription allows you to follow up to 100 players from the 4 sports in any combination. It also entitles you the full feature set.

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