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Press Release - Facearound

Facearound allows you to find places that are well reviewed by your Facebook friends. It also lets you search for places that have deals going on at the time of your search. Visit places, read reviews, and write reviews yourself on places as diverse as restaurants, hairsylists, bars, flea markets, laundromats, arcades, parks, and more!

With Facearound's geo-localize feature, you automatically see which places are closest to you and are best reviewed by people you know! It gets better- with Facearound Deals you can find all the special offers available at places around you. Facearound uses Facebook Fanpages to find the deals and fills them onto your map!

Facearound lets you sign up with Facebook, so your friends reviews can be featured on the App. You're then geo-localized to the point where you can discover places as specific as all the tiny flea markets near you that sell colored pinheads. You can also search different areas, cities, countries or continents by typing them into the search box or simply scrolling the map.

Even if you don't know what you're looking for specifically, if you type in an area, Facearound will mark out all nearby places of interest including bars, restaurants, shopping malls, markets, salons, and more. You can tap on any place and see what deals they have, or you can request to see only places that have deals! See how friends of yours have reviewed each place and know whether a place has been reviewed by using a special color coding.

Facearound is available in four different languages: English, German, Northern Sami and Spanish. Happy place hunting!

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