Engineering Calculator

Engineering Calculator

Scientific calculations quick and easy!

Press Release - Engineering Calculator

Engineering Calculator was designed and developed by engineers. The interface is extremely simple and allows the insertion of units in calculations the same way you would enter them by hand.

Enter units of different types into the calculator in any combination and raised to exponents. Engineering Calculator will do the rest...

Complex calculations are made easy, fast and safe.

Results are shown in real time user-selected default units that can change at the touch of a button.

Using a strong Dimensional Analysis engine the calculator signifies if the result can be expressed in different unit types. With just a tap the user can cycle through all possible expressions. English or S.I. units of Angle, Length, Force, Pressure, Mass, Time, Volume, Energy, Power and Temperature are supported.

Engineering Calculator is a highly educational application for students as it will help them understand the relationship between different unit types.

There’s even more to Engineering Calculator! Reference Tables for structural engineers provide elements that can be instantly inserted into calculations with their units.

Additional Features

• Concrete and Steel properties.

• Reinforcement Rods tables.

• Steel Section Tables (IPE, HEA, HEB, UPN, SHS, RHS, CHS)

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