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Press Release - Emoji Factory

Are you ready for over 358,000,000 different emojis?

Emoji Factory's new 2.1 Update offers you the capacity to create more emojis than ever before. All together, the new parts of the 2.1 version of the Emoji Factory can combine to create 358,000,000 different emojis!

The customization and creation of an Emoji are intuitively set up and are done by selecting various facial features and accessory items to be applied on the Emoji. Sharing Emojis is done using popular social networks and platforms.

The new Update 2.1 features lots of free new Emoji Parts that users can combine to make more creative Emojis. The app now offers a feature to change Skin Color of Emojis, the ability to add multiple Accessory Emoji Parts, and a function to instantly create tons of randomized, and most likely quite wacky, Emojis. New themes abound as well- we feature both a Zombies theme and a Medieval Fantasy theme with the update. With 7 different categories of facial features and accessory items, users can customize the skin color, eyes, eyebrows, mouth, headwear and accessories of an Emoji.

With fixed positions for each element, customization can be done quickly and easily while preserving the usability of the app. The new 'Randomizer' feature makes this even easier. Some of the most popular social networks and sharing platforms have been integrated in order to make Emoji sharing easy.

Users can share their Emojis using iMessage, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email or simply Copy/Paste anywhere as desired.

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