Emergency Alert!

Emergency Alert!

Just push the big red button!

Press Release - Emergency Alert!

If you're hurt or in need, it might be difficult to pick up the phone to dial 911 and also call your relatives or friends and alert them of the emergency. Instead, push a big red button that will alert everyone you need all at once.

Set up Emergency Alert! to text up to five contacts automatically in the event of an emergency. The App will not only send the emergency text- it will also tell people exactly where you are based on your phone's GPS location. You can also use the GPS locating text to tell your friends and/or family exactly where you are when you need help in any situation- such as when your car breaks down or you're lost somewhere.

Emergency Alert! also stores your personal health and insurance information for quick reference or to aid emergency workers who need to provide you help. Be ready for any emergency!

Emergency Alert! Screenshots