ECHO - hear to play

ECHO - hear to play

Play with your sense of hearing!

Press Release - ECHO - hear to play

Can you play blind? How good is your sense of hearing? Your hearing will be put to the test with ECHO- Hear to Play, a game requiring you to listen and not look at your mobile device. If you handed the game to a blind person, they would be able to play ECHO. The goal is to simply listen to the sounds the game makes in order to guide yourself through the levels.

You are in a spaceship and are avoiding enemy cruisers. You can hear them coming but you can't see them. Tilt the device to move your spaceship and get out of their way. The game is played via accelerometer and positional audio, and you are NEVER required to look at the game. ECHO fully supports VoiceOver as assistive technology so you can navigate through the menu by audio before you play.

Just listen carefully and you will be able to locate the enemy objects and get through the levels. The goal is to stay alive as long as possible. Good luck with your aural journey through space!

ECHO - hear to play Screenshots